Everyone ;

Our Championships is just in front at the blink of our eyes.

Our Championships is and should be the one; ” The Championships of the participants, by the participants and for the participants “.

Everyone who would like to participate, will be able to participate and everyone who would not, will not. Whether he or she participates or does not, is up to his or her own will and is not to be forced by any other..

As an organizer of the 5th, especially at this time of emergency SARS,
my role is, I believe, to find that every participant, maybe not every but as many as possible, comes back to the bornplace of Judo and comes back to the bornplace of his or hers, with his or her deepest impression, saying, ” I am quite satisfied with the Championships ! ” just as we used to do through the ones ever.

The Kodokan as the venue, has the same understanding. The Kodokan also wants to say to every participant ” Kodokan e okaerinasai ” or
“Welcome back to the Kodokan !” and wants to be satisfied to see every participant coming back to the bornplace of his or hers being touched with the Championships at the Kodokan.

SARS is the mad monster, as Dr. Yasukochi says, the strongest mad monster that has appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. This monster, if once found at the Kodokan, will arouse biggest tumult in and around and will bring disgrace and calamity upon WMJA.

We should avoid such worst situation beforehand and lay the axe to the root of evil.

Both the Kodokan, as the venue and I, as the organizer, therefore, cordially require that those participants living in the SARS contaminating countries or areas, would also be willing to give such satisfaction or freedom from care to those paticipants, spectators, judges and referees, guests of honor and so on, including boys and girls training at the Kodokan, by catering to the Kodokan’s and my cordial and strong intention, or by bringing the doctor’s certificate at least.

Kindly favor me with my situation.. To our Masters Championships, everyone participates with his or her own will and with his or her own expense. He or she decides whether to participate or not. The final decision is upon his or hers.

All of us are looking forwards to seeing all the participated well satisfied and let’s see, as Shakespeare says, ” All is well that ends well.”

See you in Tokyo,

Hiromi NOGUCHI, the President of the 5th World Master Judo Championships